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  • M M

    My son was injured playing soccer and broke his wrist really badly. When we went to the ER we were told to see Dr. Chambers because he was highly recommended for both kids and athletes. When he looked at the x-rays he told us that my son needed surgery or else his wrist might heal crooked. He cautiously and carefully explained all the options to us.

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  • H O

    Torn ACL, had a cadaver replacement surgery 11 months ago. I am very happy with the results, I have fluid movement, very little scarring. The recovery process has been long, which is common for this injury, and I feel at about 80% back to normal. I could not be happier with Dr. Chambers.

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  • K G

    Dr. Chambers is an incredibly compassionate physician. I am a professional tennis player and coach and he recently treated my star protege. She had wrist pain for 3 months, limiting her ability to compete. After one consultation, her wrist pain resolved and the next weekend she won her under 18 open Southern California tournament.

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  • M F

    I am so incredibly pleased with Dr. Chambers and his staff. I'm older, but I'm active, and it was very important to me that I trust my orthopedic surgeon to actually LISTEN to my concerns and get me back on my feet and moving as soon as possible.

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  • E B

    I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Chambers yesterday, I was extremely pleased! Dr. Chambers treated me for a torn meniscus. He was friendly, listened to what I had to say and very caring.

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