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“Dr. Mellano is a great surgeon.  He understood what I was going through and even though I had trouble with the splint his team gave me, he made it happen and provided me what I had asked which was a another splint.   I fractured my fibula and it was not a clean break.  I had done this on March 3rd, 2017.  I was snowboarding and had a bad fall on my last day of snowboarding.  Had surgery on March 20th, 2017 I believe.  Today it is May 17th and Dr. Mellano released me from his care and physical therapy.  He allowed me to continue on my own accord as my progress shows to the physical therapist and Dr. Mellano.  He is a true professional and a excellent businessman.  Do not risk your life with anyone else in sport medicine and make your appointment with his office before it is too late.   If Dr. Mellano recommends surgery, you need to take his advice.  He knows what is best!”

 -WS. At Yelp.

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