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Personable, genuine kind hearted man. If you are in his office you are most likely under stress from your unfortunate injury. These qualities helps ease your stressful visit. A personable doctor these days is as rare as finding a $100 bill on the streets. Dr. Stein and his staff (Bill) not only soothed my anxiety but also that of my wonderful family, whom were by my side EVERY visit and surgery. For most doctors that may be a nuisance, but Dr. Stein embraced it for what it was, support. Two shoulder surgeries (L) 2015/2016 (SLAP tears), two knee surgeries (R/L) both in 2016 (clean up) all were arthroscopic. Pre-op & post-ops were all smooth. Recovery time was as said. 100%. I was sad at the sheer fact that my overly active young angry body needed to visit a surgeon. But so incredibly grateful Dr. Stein was chosen for me. This my fellow yelp-ers was the silver lining to an unfortunate circumstance, not once but four times. As much as I love Dr. Stein, I hope to never see him or his wonderful staff again. Best of luck, prayers and health to you on your healing journey.

-L.T. at Yelp.

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