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“Let's start with the "givens"- Bedside manner "Outstanding". Caring Knowledgeable Staff "Outstanding". Skilled Physicians Assistant (Leah Hansen) "Check and Double Check"! Now for the particulars in "my case". My wife has battled back issues for well over 15 years. We had some of the highest rated physicians and surgeons in our health plan, but no one could stop her pain. We even tried inversion therapy, again no relief. She suffers from Degenerative Disc Disease (D.D.D.). Her L-5 and S-1 discs were "bone on bone". The pain was excruciating. Often times she would be dropped to her knees in pain. Anyone who suffers from this type of pain knows that it is not only debilitating, but it affects the whole family. Loved ones are taken to the edge with the moodiness and constant need for assistance. Treatments almost always include heavy opioids, and all of their side effects and dangers. My wife had multiple steroid injections and still the pain persisted. Why am I telling you all of this? Because I need you to understand that this physician/surgeon, not only solved the problem, but saved our family. If any of this sounds familiar then you need to have a conversation with Dr. Farjoodi. All of the great attributes that great physicians have, Dr. Farjoodi has. He listens and remembers your goals and issues. The most amazing thing was that he looked at my wife's X-Ray and with all of the confidence in the world said, "I can fix that". He wondered why it had not been done sooner, and we realized that our expensive insurance did not want to pay for it. Within two weeks my wife was on the operating table, and pain was on the way out. Her P.I.L.F. and T.I.L.F surgeries were completely successful. How do I know they were successful? If you are a caregiver, spouse, partner, or family member of someone who suffers and lives with this type of condition... PLEASE READ THIS! I knew they were successful because that FACE of pain left. You know the "scowl" ... well it was gone. Let's not forget the reduction of those powerful drugs (morphine being one), the "phuzzy" living in a "cloud" feeling, gone. We got our family member back... Because Dr. Farjoodi said, "I can fix that". He has kept his word and I know you should give him the opportunity to "fix" your condition as well.”

-J R. at

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